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    Question Burning gums. Any tips?

    Hi everone.

    I have been trying to whiten my teeth using a mouthguard and whitening gel. I have large gaps between my teeth (that will be closed soon, hopefully) and the gel really burns the gums. I've tried 22% mix and 6% gel. Both burn.

    I am not overfilling the mouthguard. In fact, the tops of my upper teeth seem to be missing out on the whitening process. Any tips would be much appreciated. I need to get my teeth white before I have my attachments fitted, as I will be replacing crowns before invisalign refinements are done and I want the crowns to match my whitened teeth.

    Also, can the gel cause the gum line to recede?

    Initial 36 trays done!

    U - 1/12
    L - 1/15

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    I know this is an old thread but still wanted to reply incase others are experiencing similar. If you're using a mouthguard I should imagine this could be why the gel is coming into contact with the gums. I would suggest people use a custom fit whitening tray and maybe even cut the gum parts away so the tray covers only (and all) the teeth, so if you accidentally put in too much gel or whatever and it goes onto the gums you are able to get your tooth brush to wipe away the gel from the gums because they wont be under a mouthguard/tray.
    Braced for 33 months. Now wearing an upper & lower essix retainer and lower bonded retainer



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