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    Getting use to eating.

    I've just got my braces and it really hasn't been that bad other than dealing with this terrific lisp I've acquired and eating. Please tell me I'll get use to having what feels like over half of every bite getting caught up in the braces up top. Like a good many on here, I have linguals on top and ceramic on bottom. One thing is for sure, I'm eating a lot slower which is a good thing for me as I love to eat.

    Anyway, I'm assuming I'll get acclimated to this along with mastering my lisp sooner rather than later.

    Would love to hear any suggestions?
    Runs with scissors

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    hey cranny welcome to the club:)

    I have had linguals on both top and bottom for about 3 months and I will tell you that I felt like you did at first and now I can totally eat normally and don't have a lisp! Sometimes with some words I'm not 100% still but no one could tell I am wearing braces.
    Hang in there it gets so much better and you will see your top teeth straightening out so quick in a couple of months



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