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    Smile They are coming off!!!!!

    I'm scheduled to have my braces removed exactly 2 1/2 years from the day I got them...August 16, 2012!!! This is one month early and 4 days before my birthday!!!! Will still be 50+ :-) I'll report back when they are off!!
    50+ ceramic top and bottom as of 2-16-10
    Top Braces off 8/15/12
    Bottom Braces off 9/11/12

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    Jan 2012
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    yay! :) it's super exciting, isn't it?

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    Well, I arrived on time and was very excited about getting my braces off. My ortho comes to look and sees a little gap that developed since my last visit on the bottom :-( He said I'd have to wait to get those removed, but he did take the top ones off! They look beautiful!!! I can't wait to have a full mouth of beautiful teeth! It won't be too much longer! So, I have a retainer that is like an Invisalign and I barely know it is there! It is easy to put on, but to remove it will take some getting used to. It's lilke there is a suction there and you really have to pull hard and it feels like I'm pulling my teeth out! I have an appt on 8/28 to check the gap and hope to get them off soon after that - if not that day!! Will keep in touch.
    50+ ceramic top and bottom as of 2-16-10
    Top Braces off 8/15/12
    Bottom Braces off 9/11/12

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    Mar 2011
    Edmonton, AB, Canada
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    Wooo! Congrats :-) Sucks about your bottom teeth tho... oh well, the time will fly by and meanwhile you get to enjoy your beautiful top row!
    BRACES OFF AS OF OCT. 17/ 12!!!! 1 yr, 7 months later.
    Damon Q top and bottom
    My blog!

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    Feb 2012
    Phoenix, AZ. Los Angeles, CA. Las Vegas, NV. and Houston, TX.
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    The top looks GREAT, and although the topic should be all teeth related...I just gotta say...

    Wait, WaIt, WAIT! Looking at that photo I think I'm confused. No way 50+ is your age?!?!

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    RedLipstick Guest
    Your upper teeth look great, 50+. Congratulations!



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