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  1. What are the long term risks of an overjet?


    I'm 19 years old and a few years ago I was offered surgery on my jaw to treat an overjet, about 10mm. I decided against it at the time because I wasn't caught up over my appearance of it and they sold it as 'cosmetic surgery'.

    I had braces and had 4 of my teeth taken out and was really really pleased with the results. I had always been self conscious of the wonkyness of my teeth and now I smile all the time!

    However I went back to my dentist and he told me I should reconsider the surgery because the results aren't perfect (although they are so so much better than before) and I might have long term problems because of it, I wish he had told me this at the time...

    Recently my jaws ached a bit, I don't know if thats out of paranoia though and my jaws always been a bit clicky when I open wide.

    I really don't know what to do, I don't want to have surgery but I'm scared it'll cause me long term damage.

    This is me from the front:

    the side:

    my teeth:

    Thanks for your help!
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    I had a similar situation. I decided to go for the surgery because not only did I have teeth problems, but it turns out I had the big overjet as a kid because I wasn't breathing right and my airway didn't develop right. I would look into any other potential health problems that could be associated with your jaws being misaligned before making a decision either way. Truthfully, the surgery is NOT that bad and the risk of permanent numbness is low if you're young. I've yet to meet someone who did the surgery that regrets it. I'm 8 weeks post-op and almost 100% back to normal and I can already breathe better. It's worth it.



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