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  1. Does bleaching damage enamel?

    Yeah, I know leaving it on overnight (or some other extended amount of time to the point of stupidity) of any whitening process will damage teeth, but does bleaching damage the teeth/enamel even if it's on for the recommended amount of time? It seems like it would (or is it just the psychological part of us that thinks "bleach = holes in clothes + damaged fabric"?)

  2. I have braces so it was only out of curiosity. And because I was considering bleaching when my treatment is finished.

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    bleaching is never good for the enamel. that is for sure.

    if you can bleach your teeth without damage depends on the current health of your teeth.

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    There is no permanent damage to your enamel or other tooth structures during bleaching, if used correctly. There are, of course, many options to whitening your teeth, from over the counter toothpastes, whitening strips, custom-made take home trays, and in-office whitening. Each procedure is safe when instructions are followed correctly.



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