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  1. Problems of not doing the surgery ?

    Hey everyone, just had a question that I'm not too sure about. I'm currently 18, and I have a underbite. (I'm the only one with an underbite in my family, and I think it happened because when I was younger, and not too focused on my teeth I had a retainer which I didnt wear properly at 11/12, so it probably messed up my bite or something.) . But I visited the orthodontist around 2 years ago, and they said they wanted to wait until my jaw stopped growing. So now I went and they said my only option to fix my underbite/crossbite is surgery. It'll likely be a long process that'll last 3-4 years aswell.

    Now I was initially against the surgery, mainly the complications like numbness arising, but my teeth don't really touch on the sides or anything and I have a crossbite. But my teeth don't look too bad when I smile as the underbite can be slightly masked.

    Are there any future problems if I leave the underbite as it is ? Sometimes (usually when stressed) I can feel my jaw 'crackling' when I eat normal foods, making a sort of wirey sound, and I'm wondering if I dont fix it would I develop more problems .
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    Hi i was told i would develop joint issues. I was also suffering from chronic facial pain before the surgery.

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    Whether to go for surgery or not..

    Hi.....It's totally depend upon what type of surgery you are going to do because if you do any surgery it is for sure you would be getting some sort of pain for sure apart from this consider, if you want to do surgery related to jaw so amount of pain gets generated is depends on the structure of the jaw as each individual has unique structure because of this pain will also get varied.But with today's modern ERA you don't have to suffer for pain too much.Actually there is misconception about the surgery, people just have fear about it.One more thing if your particular teeth requires a surgery soon and you said i will not going to do this then later that results into very complex problem.
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    I developed TMJ and jaw joint degeneration due to my poor bite. It's possible that you will get the same, it's possible nothing will ever happen.

    Think through everything and do some research before making a decision about surgery. There are ALOT of misconceptions about surgery and potential side effects. In general, none are life altering or really harmful. Also be aware that most of the people on these blogs with horror stories have had rare complications and are typically on the blog because of these issues. I had no negative side effects and am trying to be present to try to dispel some of these myths.

    Becky's Upper Jaw Surgery Blog



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