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  1. retrognathic mandible

    I am 27, and have a retrognathic mandilbe. my bite is uncomfortable and from the side my sunken in chin makes me look like a simpsons character. my front lower teeth are also pretty crowed. what procedure can I expect to get or what is most commonly done to correct this?

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    Without pictures its hard to tell. If your teeth dont line up and your bottom teeth are farther rearward than the top teeth, likely you will need a mandible advancement. If its just a small chin, you can get a genioplasty which just makes your chin more prominent. If you really want it fixed, you will need braces to align the teeth in the jaws and then jaw surgery to align the jaws to each other. Make sure you do research about the recovery because its not easy. You will probably be banded shut for weeks and cannot chew food for 6 weeks. Best of luck.

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