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    1/8'' heavy orthodontic elastics hurts and its latex :s

    They are so small and when i stretch them from the upper canine to the lower canine joined with bicuspid and same on the other side it hurts too much and is it because of this that my face is getting fatty? because I cannot stretch my jaws that much and on the right side the elastics are quite stretchy width wise and it works but on the left side they arent that much stretchy because the left side doesnt have the same hook to hung it like that right one.This doesnt matters rite?.And why is this that it hurts and face going so fat?? :(
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    I don't think elastics will cause ones face to get fat. It's also quite normal to experience some discomfort when wearing elastics. I have worn a few elastics during my time, different configurations were more uncomfortable than others and of course it also depended on the strength of the elastics.
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  3. I have "Super heavy elastics" for over bite and they really really hurt, they are really thick too

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    I have super heavy duty elastics to extrude my left canine. The first day, my ortho had me wear the heavy elastics on both my extrusion and for my bite correction. It was just too much pressure, so I now only have the heavy duty elastic on the canine and I'm back to the stretchy elastics for the bite. Discuss with your ortho and see what can be done. It really depends on the movements he has planned for you.
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