Hi there,
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Hi there,
Iím 21 and am thinking of surgery. I had braces for 14 months when I was 18 to correct as much as possible, my overbite/open bite. My teeth arenít perfect but theyíre functional. My main concern now is my chin and jawline. (In the photo I am stretching out as far as I can) Itís like I have a pelican neck when I am actually really thin. My chin is receding lower jaw downward rather than up and outwards. I have spoken to my orthodontist and have since seen a surgeon and they tell me I would need double jaw surgery with the possibility of having molars removed through treatment with braces. The upper jaw would be moved up and the lower jaw forward and up. We also explored the option of having just genioplasty and although the change would be far less dramatic, I donít feel it would be enough for me. Things that Iím hesitant about are the 18 Ė 24 months the surgeon said Iíd be in braces for. Iíve had them once and my friend unknowingly commented about how devastating and unfortunate it is to have braces whilst at uni - clearly something she has no idea about.

Iím curious to whether anybody is/was in a similar situation? Any thoughts on when to have the surgery? Earlier better than later? And genioplasty vs double jaw surgery?

I thought I was keen on this but now Iím not too sure.