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  1. Damon or Traditional braces?

    Hi everybody, I’m new here, in this forum. I found that you are wonderful people who try to share the information to others, so I decided to ask you for some advice.
    My daughter is 12 year old. She has overbite; the upper is very crowded with big teeth. The lower misses 1 tooth. The orthodontist can fix it without teeth extraction. Regardless the system we choose, she will:
    -wear braces for 2 years
    -get an adjustment for every 2 months
    -have memory archwire.

    I asked him which one is better for her, he said “same” and “in most cases, teenagers prefer traditional because of the ring colors”. He also warned us about Damon big profile. However, the coordinator said she’ll adapt with it quickly.
    My daughter requests something that doesn’t make her lips protrude (she’s afraid that she can’t close her mouth), that is comfortable to wear and doesn’t rub her inside mouth.
    My husband, like other engineers, prefers modern technology. He argues that in both cases, they uses memory archwire (it’s the wire that moves the teeth, right?), but the Damon bracket has less friction so it’ll be more comfortable. However, I think if it’s true, with less friction, the treatment should be shorter than the traditional, but it’s not in our case.
    My cousin said: “2 months is too long for rings changing. Bacteria will build up around the rings.”

    With your experience, can you choose the best system for her? The comfort is my priority. My daughter’s friend has traditional bracket & she complains about rubbing and sore behind the lips. We have to pay $400 more for Damon (clear or metal), but we can manage with it if Damon doesn’t make my daughter suffer.

    Thank you very much.

    Oh, a last question about finance. They charges $ 6,150 for traditional. insurance covers $2,500.
    If we pay the difference up-front instead of monthly, we’ll get 5% off. Does it worth it? 2years is quite long, if something wrong happens during this time, we’ll lose everything.

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    Being 12 yrs old I would say to go traditional. Just my opinion based on the info given above. I'm not an Orthodontist and there is a lot to consider, here but basically it sums up to this:

    Damon brackets are self-ligating. This means the wire moves freely through each one as opposed to needing to be tightened as with traditionals.
    Damon brackets are in fact larger both in height, and width than traditionals.
    Traditional braces are held in place with elastic ligatures. These are what younger people like choosing colors for.
    Damon braces *typically* have about 6 months shorter time than traditionals. Even so, 2 yrs is standard for braces wear.
    BOTH types of braces will rub sores and cause ulcers in the lips and cheeks until you get used to them. You use dental wax to help the discomfort. (roughly a month)
    Adjustments will vary but every 2 months is the most common. Not sure what your cousin means about 2 months being too long. Some appointments are every 3 or 4 months. Bacteria builds up when you don't brush. Keep them clean and everything will be fine. The only drawback to it would be if a light colored ligature is used like white or clear- as it can stain from the foods you eat/drink and you'll be forced to wear stained bands until the next adjustment.
    I had Damon style (just removed them yesterday) and I can say that they were surprisingly comfortable compared to the stories I have heard from people that had traditional braces. However, on the flip side, most of them had braces 10+ years ago when they were teens and had to incorporate other appliances with them so I'm not sure it was the actual 'braces' that hurt.
    I paid 4500 for my braces last year. It was only an additional fee (500) if I chose to have clear on uppers and lowers. I don't have insurance so I don't know the pros/cons of paying for it as you are.

    This website has tons of information regarding the pros/cons to each one. You're also welcomed to view my photo album and blogs to see how my Damon style braces worked for me. Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikka View Post
    Damon works in half the time and the Damon braces do look nice.
    Moderator's Note: Damon braces do not work in half the time. They can take approximately 6 months less than traditional braces. Let's make sure we're presenting accurate information!

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    Actually, The Damon system is more than just a brand of Braces. It is a philosophy of orthodontic treatment.

    Damon braces are self- ligating brackets m(no doughnuts to be changed) which means that the wire moving the tooth is held in place by a close slot on the brace. In other brands typically elastics tie are used to hold the wire. The Damon brace holds the wire passively allowing free tooth movement instead of the restrictive movement with elastics (doughnuts).
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