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  1. How do orthodotist move molars forward and create a fuller smile?


    I am so glad to find this forum to ask questions and share my journey. My 1st upper right pre-molars and 2nd left upper pre-molar have been exacted due to decay. My 2nd upper right pre-molar was treated with root canal 10 years ago. Although it is not painful but very unsightful and beyond saving due to decay as well. So I will have 3 gaps need to be closed.

    I have moderate crowding on my top jaw and server crowding on my lower jaw so I've decide to get Damon braces to close the gaps and straighten my teeth. I have seen one orthodontist who said he can move my molars forward and close these 3 gaps and maintain my front teeth position. Also he said the treatment will also widen my smile.

    I just wondering how can braces move big molars forward without TADs or headgear?

    How do braces give you a fuller smile?

    I asked lots of questions and forget these two during the consultation. Any advise on how to find a good orthodontist will greatly appreciated!


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    He'll probably attach brackets to your molars and pull them in with elastics or power chains :)

    My braces gave me a fuller smile by slightly widening my arch. Also now that my overbite and overjet are fixed more of my teeth are showing when I smile.

    Good luck with your treatment!

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