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    Nov 2012
    Mérida, Venezuela

    Damon Clear and Coffee !??

    Hello everyone I'm new to this forum, I'm from Venezuela, and I'm getting my Damon Clear braces tomorrow.
    I have a question for all the people out there using Damon Clears and also drink Coffee.
    Do they stain after long time coffee consumption? Do yours stain at all when you eat mustard or curries?
    Thank you very much looking forward to read all your answer and experiences! :)

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    Feb 2012
    Phoenix, AZ. Los Angeles, CA. Las Vegas, NV. and Houston, TX.
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    I had Damon style braces for 16 months and never had any problems staining my brackets. The only thing that will stain will be your rubber bands and the power chains. :)

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    Nov 2012
    Mérida, Venezuela
    Thanks for your answer! I'm just two weeks on damon clears, the first week i tried to avoid drinking coffee at all, and i made it. But this last weekend i had to work really hard, and coffee it's my fuel, so i went and drank a lot last Friday-saturday. I immediately washed my mouth after every cup of coffee with just water cause i didn't have any mouth cleaning with me, and i hope this works, cause i don't want them to stain over time.

    The only downside of that, it's that i think that those cycles of coffee-water, can weaken the bonding of your braces, as i have one of the front braces accidentally unbonded this sunday when i was brushing my teeth in the morning. I think maybe it's because of the temperature changes from hot to cold. But I'm just saying! i haven't really researched at all about this, so if anyone really knows please tell me. I'm gonna ask my doctor as well about this, she also was the one that recommended me to wash my mouth after drinking coffee, so.

    I'll post my pics soon, I'm expecting that she sent me the ones she took when i got my braces on, and then i'll post them here!
    Hope everyone is doing well! Have a nice day! .:)

  4. DRINK WITH A STRAW!!!! my ortho almost lost it with me when i walked into my appointment drinking a hot coffee, he said if i drink it regularly it will stain my brackets (clear damon brackets) slightly ,but the bigger problem would be that the coffee will darken my teeth a little leaving stains around my brackets once my braces come off ,the coffee stains will leave a mark around the middle part of the tooth where my brackets had been glued .he said if i couldn't cut the habit to at least and please drink with a straw!!!



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