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  1. Underbite advice!

    I was diagnosed with a -1 mm class III malocclusion and the ortho gave me the option of using elastics vs surgery. This is my second time with braces (first time was around the age of 13 and my malocclusion was corrected with just braces). I was wondering if surgery was the only way that my jaw could be placed in the right spot or if elastics can also adjust my jaw to the proper location. Any advice much appreciated!


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    I have almost the same one, mine is maybe closer to -2mm but not by much.

    I've talked to a buncha ortho and if its class III, its hard to complete with elastics, and you CAN but it won't be much of a difference.

    I'm starting with braces for a year, then surgery, and then braces for 6 months.

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