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  1. Nickel Allergy and Damon Clear

    I am new to the forum, but I have been lurking for a while. I just had the Damon Clear installed on my top teeth last week. I have not been particularly happy with them because I find they stick out too far and I look like I have peg teeth. Also, they are low on my front teeth (presumably because they need to adjust the torque). Today, though, I have started having a burning numbness on my lips and gums between my front teeth. After a Google search or two, it finally dawned on me! Duh! I have a severe nickel allergy!!! I don't wear earrings or any jewerly that isn't pure gold, silver or platinum. My watch has to be stainless steel. I don't know why I didn't think to tell the ortho this. I guess because I had braces as a kid (I'm 44 now), I thought I'd be fine. But this lip burning is becomming a problem. Apparently the Damon system arch wires do contain nickel.

    I called the ortho, and I'm going to see him in the morning. But here's my question: If they change the wires to stainless steel or something else that doesn't have nickel, how much longer will I be in braces. I'm already counting the minutes until 18 months runs. I really will have to rethink things if my treatment is extended by 6 months or more.

    Also, I don't really need braces. My teeth have some spaces between them, but are generally well shaped, and there is one gap I really want to close. Also, I have a deep overbite that was starting to cause some abrasion of my lower front teeth, but 5 days in braces has already alleviated that. Would it be the end of the world if I decided to terminate treatment? Would the ortho charge me anyway? I've already paid a lot! Would I get any money back?

    Okay, sorry for so many questions, but I want to make sure I'm informed with all options before he presents me with dinosaur wires tomorrow. :braces:

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  2. Well, as a follow up, I went back to the ortho, and he changed out the wire for titanium (I think). The wire is very rigid. At first he put it in and it was so tight it made my vision funny. He put a couple of bends in the wire, but then couldn't get it into two of the brackets, so the wire is in, but it is laying over the top of two of my brackets. That can't be good. This wire is awful compared to the NiTi wire I had in. I could barely see that one. This one is thick and gray, and way too tight for comfort.

    He's not sure that what I'm experiencing as far as lip burning is nickel sensitivity. We'll see after a few days of the new wire (if I can stand it that long!) If it is nickel, we're going to have to revisit the entire treatment, and maybe go to invisilign. I really hope it isn't nickel because I'd much rather go back to the nice light wire I had before. This thick monstrosity is awful, and pokes the inside of my mouth. I had no pokes with the other wire. Never even had to use wax.


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    Oh wow! Keep us updated! I hope everything works out.

  4. Well, after 4 hours in excrutiating pain, I called the ortho again and said, either change the wire or take these braces off. I'm done. I later learned that he had gone from a 0.14m round NiTi wire to a 0.16 x. 0.22 TMA wire!!! Um, what!?!? I'm only a week into my treatment!! Thankfully, he had done some research before I got back in and learned that it was okay to use a stainless steel wire on someone with nickel sensitivity, even though it has 8% nickel in it. So, I got a 0.14mm round stainless steel wire. Thank GOD! I finally got back to how I was feeling before, and no burning lips this morning!! Hooray! He'll be using stainless steel wires until it's (really) time to go to the TMA wire.

    Unfortunately, the new wire is poking me out the back, but I'm too afraid to call the office to go back in. I'll just slap some wax on and wait for the next appt. :D

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    well if the wire is poking you so badly that it starts getting caught on your cheek you need to make an appointment to have it clipped. As for the rest, all should be downhill from here, it only gets easier. Good luck. :)

  6. Just thought I'd post an update. At today's appt, my ortho decided to terminate the Damon treatment and to move into Invisalign. The Damon (with stainless steel wires) has done a good job of rotating some of my teeth and pulling down an incisor, but my bite is still too deep for (nickel free) brackets on the bottom, and the uncorrected bottom teeth are preventing the top teeth from moving into position properly. So, we need a more holistic approach. Invisalign, here we come. I have to say, I'm delighted. I have hated my Damon Clear brackets from day one (see above). They stick out way too far and interfere with my speech. So excited to have something truly invisible that I can remove to eat. Treatment time has been extended about 4 months to 21 months, but I'm pretty sure we would have been extended anyway considering I'm 4 months into the Damons and still don't have bottom brackets. Just a cautionary tale for those with nickel sensitivity. It certainly CAN impact treatment in a negative way, so choose carefully, and if possible, have them test you BEFORE you decide on a treatment plan.



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