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    Crest Whitestrips 2 wks after braces removal.

    I just blogged about this whitening-info-pics-2766/" target="_blank">http://www.bracesreview.com/forums/b...nfo-pics-2766/but wanted to add it to this forum as well. :)

    When I removed my braces my teeth were pretty white. Either time has gone by and they're slowly getting stained again, or I'm just used to them and not realizing it any more lol so I asked my ortho assistant how soon I could start whitening. She said "as soon as you want"! and informed me that I could use my retainers as whitening trays as well. I mentioned that I was planning to use Crest Whitestrips and she asked what % of peroxide they were using. I was unsure since I hadn't purchased them yet (and they come in different formulas) but she said that they use 15% in the office so to keep that in mind. Come to find out, the strips I am using now, the 20 day Professional Effects, are 14%. I'm going to Las Vegas for a meeting in 5 weeks with come co-workers I haven't seen in a year so I wanted to go ahead and start on this to reveal my new straight white smile. I'm currently on day 5 and I can say that they ARE working. The box claims you'll see noticeable results in as little as 3 days with full results after 20, and after 5 treatments, they're slightly whiter. The 2nd day I started getting sensitivity on 2 teeth so I switched to Sensodyne Toothpaste and started doing fluoride rinses 2x a day. It has helped considerably in the last 3 days but had I been smarter, I would have begun the toothpaste/fluoride regimen the week prior to my first use so I recommend doing that for anyone considering these. I haven't taken any "before" photos even though I probably should- but I did tell my husband that I wasn't noticing a huge difference yet- but it's because I see them everyday and that if they get so white I could land planes with them, to PLEASE let me know. I don't wanna be THAT girl! lol! Anyway, I will update my whitening progress after the 20 days. I can only assume they'll work great, being that they have RAVE reviews online, and I have one friend who has THE prettiest shade of white teeth EVER. I finally went up to her last week and was like "Okay, do you get your teeth professionally whitened or WHAT!?" She laughed and said no, Crest Whitestrips- and that it was nearly 2 yrs ago when she did it! That's when I was sold. My only complaint is that the upper strip and the lower strips are different lengths. The upper is OK- but the lower only covers my front 6 teeth. I realize these are the 'social six' teeth but when I smile and laugh, you can see way more than than just to the canines. Plus, people are asking me to see them daily- so i smile big- and I don't want half my teeth to be yellowish in comparison. So.... after the first night of using these and realizing this dilemma, I've taken it upon myself to use a secondary pack of strips that I've been cutting up and placing on the teeth it isn't covering. With this approach, I realize I will have to buy a 2nd box since I'm cutting up pieces into the next day's pack, (and at 40 bucks for this box it kinda sucks), but I'm happier knowing my teeth are evenly white from molar to molar when I smile. Thankfully I bought this box with a gift card so it softens the blow LOL.

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