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    Cost of Replacement Retainers

    Hi all,

    I got my braces off a long time (7+ years) ago and I have been faithfully wearing my retainer since then, but over time it has gotten a bit of calcium buildup and is honestly a little gross. I was thinking of buying a new one, just to have it be fresh, but does anyone know how much it would cost? I know that a replacement retainer is usually around $200, but would it be less if I already had the original retainer and just wanted to make a copy of it? I would think it would be less expensive since there is no need to make molds of my mouth.


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    It would cost $150 or so in my orthos office they said...also check out Amazon, some companies do create retainers for you for $90 per jaw....they send you materia, you send mold by post and they send you retainers.

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    has any one ever used any of these retainer companies if so what one.



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