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    Sep 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Bracket FELL OFF!

    Hi, it's been about 3 months since I got my braces on. My right back molar bracket fell off once and I went to see my ortho to get it fixed. A week later, the same bracket fell off for the second time and I haven't had time to see my ortho because of the December holiday, my ortho was not available as well. I can only see my ortho next week. I have been leaving it for almost 4 weeks and i'm afraid it will change the track.

    What do you think about it and will it change my treatment? I'm really worried and need help. Thank you.
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    do you mean your molar band (the one that wraps around your back teeth) or is it just a bracket? after 4 weeks, it's probably had an affect on your treatment. but since there is no way to get to your ortho at the moment, the best thing to do right now is just not stress. the problem seems very minor, and it will be fixed in time :)

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    Sep 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    I don't use molar band for my treatment, that's all I know. So, just the bracket. I'd like to know, how does it affect my treatment exactly? Will it prolong my treatment or will it change the way it straightens my teeth?
    I'm just worried this minor fault will become major thing.

    Thanks so much anyway :)
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