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    Unhappy will it get better?

    Its only my first full day in my Damon cermaic brace on my top arch (bottom in metal to be put on in 6 weeks) so I know I need to give it time, but I just feel like i'm never going to get used to having this thing in my mouth. It feels so big! And the thought of going through this for over a year just feels like too much! When does it get better? What if I never feel better! I can't even imagine eating normally. It even hurts to eat soup :( sorry to complain!! I know reading this forum that it does get better and I should have a more positive attitude, but just feel sorry for myself today!

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    I know what you mean! I'm on my 5th day today. It does get better, let me tell you!! First 3 days...I was soo sore! I hated eating, but today...I actually feel normal. I got the damon ceramic braces on top too...they do feel huge, since the ceramic are bigger than the traditional metal. I think we'll both get used to having something in our mouths, then it would just feel normal and we'll forget about it!! The pain will go away. I just think about my future smile, and that always makes me feel better! Just think...once you get them off, you'll have an amazing smile! Good luck to both of us!

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    Hey Feedmeshoes,

    Thanks so much for your reply :) So glad to hear you're feeling normal on the 5th day! I'm hoping by Saturday I might too and then i'll be able to enjoy the weekend. How long will you be in braces? I'm 28 and 12-15 months seems like SUCH a long time. REally hoping my teeth will be well behaved and I might have them off in time for my 30th birthday! Fingers crossed. Though seeing as i'm only 2 days in I don't think I should get ahead of myself! Did you find you were getting really bad headaches too?

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    My ortho said 2 years for me! Gahh...such a long time!! But patience is key here! I really hope you get them off in time for your 30th birthday, that would be such a great present!! I think I got headaches the first two days or so, due to the pain. I took some advil and just watched netflix and ate yogurt, haha. I hope today was better for you!

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    Yes! Just hang in there.... I promise it'll get to the point that you won't remember that you have them on. For a while of course - braces have a way to make you notice them eventually. But it won't be a big deal anymore.
    And headaches, most certainly...I have one now afer getting a new wire and new elastics 2 days ago.

  6. my teeth felt like crap the first 2 weeks, i thought i would never get used to them ,they felt big and bulky & as if everyone was staring at them ....i even pretend to be sick the first week to avoid going out with friends hahaha .but now 3 months later i barely feel them on my lip ,i talk normally again as if i didn't even have braces on,most people don't even notice i have braces until i mention it (i have the damon clear) you will get used to it promise!!!!!

  7. I am just starting my 3rd week. I have Damon, metal on the top & bottom. My 2nd week was awful. (BTW, I'm 56 yrs young).

    Wearing braces for the 2nd time (it's been 43 years since). Anyway, last week was bad. The pressure intensified.
    Also probably made worse because I had my wisdom teeth pulled on 2/18 to make room. Reason for getting braces is
    severe crowding. I have yet to see any change. I feel some little pains in some of the teeth but nothing I can't live with
    but no movement, nor loosening. My next appt. is on 3/13. WHen I've been told I'll get a new wire (heavier).

    When exactly do you see actual movement? or the loosening? I can't remember back to when I was 13.

    I thought they might be moving a day or so ago, because the brackets appear to have changed position. I am also noticing (on my upper teeth) some little spaces starting to show up between one of my middle top teeth and the one next to it.

    Also does anyone use a waterpik? Is it harmful to move it too close to the brackets or wires? Can you knock loose a piece of the appliance by the pik attachment?

    Secondly, does anyone actually brush over the wires or do you brush above and below it? These are the ?s I probably willnot have too much time to ask at the appt. as I'll be rushed to go back to work.

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    1) Brush every time you eat, and use mouthwash
    2) Use your teeth when you eat... even the sore ones. Don't be a wuss and nurse those teeth because it just suck. Eating with those teeth will cause some pain, but supposedly helps with bloodflow there and helps the gums.
    3) You will get used to them the more you eat with them.
    4) You will never get used to them, but you will get pretty good at dealing with them as your teeth adjust. Unfortunately, every time you get a good handle in it, they'll make some changes to your braces and it will kick you back a few weeks on how you got used to them. It's a process.

    Just follow the rules as you can, and get used to it until it's done.

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    You'll do just fine. The first week I asked myself. What on earth did I do to myself! I just decided to try to be patient and follow everything my ortho told me and I was able to get my braces off on time. I look back and am so glad I persevered. You can do it!! My treatment plan was31 months. I felt as though it was an eternity but being my age was an advantage since times flies by so fast. You can do it and all will be better at the end for your patience. My best you you!!
    50+ ceramic top and bottom as of 2-16-10
    Top Braces off 8/15/12
    Bottom Braces off 9/11/12

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    RedLipstick Guest
    Of course it gets better. Just be patient.



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