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  1. Lingual Braces for Impacted Canine Exposure

    Hi all,

    I am 23 years old, have two impacted canine sitting above my two front teeth and they are angled facing toward each other, almost making a "V". I had a consultation with an orthodontist and insisted I do not want to walk around with noticeable braces, so the treatment plan recommended was lingual braces on the top teeth and ceramic (clear) braces on the bottom teeth (which will be noticeable, but hopefully not embarrassing). The cost of the orthodontic treatment is $10,500 (this is an upfront, fixed cost which is spread out over the period). I was also told the chances of the impacted teeth actually coming into place is 70%. My questions are: 1) is this overpriced for JUST the orthodontic treatment (I'm assuming it doesn't cover the oral surgery) and 2) is 70% the right success right for impacted canine coming into place at 23 years old?

    Thank you all!

  2. Does anyone have an answer?

  3. #3
    Hi I am sorry I don't have an answer to the canine issue, however, I would suggest going for a second opinion. It is amazing what orthodontists can do these days and for the cost of $10,500, I would definitely want a guarantee that my teeth will be 100% fixed. I would not settle for 70% and I am pretty sure you should be able to have them totally straightened into place at your age.
    My lingual braces for top and bottom cost $10,500 so I think that price, although A LOT, is possible. Hope this helps and good luck!!!



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