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    Incognito - how much did you pay for your hidden braces?

    Hi. I'm new to this forum. I just booked my orthodonist too see what direction to take at fixing my teeth.
    I have a severe over bite with crowding. Im mum of 3 children and
    Is looking at hidden braces as I really don't like the idea of the traditional brace being a mummy and working with people all the time.

    My question is how much more expensive are the hidden braces? I'm in Australia WA and can't seem to find much info on people in this country who have had them fitted.

    Hope you can HELP

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    Hi Jazzy,
    I am in Canada and have the incognito (hidden braces). Unfortunately, mine cost $10,500. I had 50% coverage through my employer so I decided to go with it. Here, traditional braces are about $7500. So I would say about a $2000 difference.

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    I'm in DC and paid $9000. It was a great deal since some Orthos charge that for regular metal braces in the District.

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    Jun 2012
    Queensland, Australia
    Hi. I'm in brisbane and paid just over 10k for my incognito. I'm 29 and this is my second time around with braces. Wear your retainer!! Originally had traditional (front of teeth and visible) braces but decided to go with the hidden incognito braces this time. Definitely recommend the incognito. There wasn't much of a price difference (~2k which when paying 10k made it justified) and you can hardly see them. I told a lot of people when I got them that they were there but they forgot almost straight away as they couldn't see them. Have just had my elastics put on to adjust my bite and it seems fine. I found that I got much more immediate results with the incognito as well.

    Hope this helps!!



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