I am a little upset that I just got my teeth filed in between my bottom 6 teeth (Interproximal Redution). I felt misinformed and my ortho made it sound like I didn't have much of an option. I felt a bit rushed into it and I wasn't really sure what it was. Although I feel like I was misinformed I still went ahead with the procedure (which I regret). I am really worried about the long-term effects of the IPR on my teeth. Does it make my teeth more vulnerable to cavities or to sensitivity? What about staining or any other issues? My ortho said there are no side effects but I am not so sure about that. My whole point in getting braces was for the overall health of my teeth and mouth but filing down the enamel in between teeth seems like it would hurt me in the long run not help. I am just guessing this would be the case since it seems like everything says "don't eat or drink too many acidic things they'll wear down your enamel, don't use abrasive toothpaste it'll wear down enamel" etc...dentists and anything that stresses wearing down enamel seems to have a reason, right? Maybe that wearing down your enamel is very bad? That is just what I concluded. Well I've just gotten my enamel worn down in between each tooth! Anyways, any help or information on IPR risks, side effects would be greatly appreciated!