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    Unhappy No retainer, first night without braces


    Today I got my braces taken off, and the orthodontist told me to come pick up my retainers around their closing time. Unfortunately the bus was way late and I didn't make it in time. Sooo for my first night without braces, I won't have my retainer.

    I paid for my braces out of pocket, so I'm really, really scared about my teeth shifting back overnight. I will go get them tomorrow morning. Do you think it will make a big difference?

    I was wearing clear, traditional braces and I had them on for 16 months, if that makes a difference.

    Thank you!

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    I don't think one night should cause that much shifting. Although I just saw that you wrote this a few days ago, so I hope you were able to get your retainer the next day and that it fit ok :)
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    Luciav I dont think one night would have made a difference, have you received your retainers now?

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    I didn't get to wear my retainers for the first night. I did not have retainers on for four days, due to them making the retainers. The teeth would not shift much but only slight. Not to the point of where the teeth was at the beginning. Once I had my retainers on, they fit snug.

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    dont worry ..i did not pick up mine until after 2 days and even if they are off slightly, retainers will put them back..



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