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Thread: Teeth Whitening

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    Teeth Whitening

    Not sure if it's been covered in here before but what has been the best teeth whitening product people have used with their aligners?

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    I haven't used any whitening products, so I can't comment on that... but I've heard that if you have attachments put on your teeth, it's best to avoid whitening until after treatment. There's the possibility that the spots under your attachments won't be as white as the rest of your teeth. Something to consider... personally, I may just get my teeth professionally whitened after it's all said and done, to celebrate and show off my straighter smile. Haven't decided yet, but something I'm thinking about :)
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    I won't have the attachments with the first aligner so I figured I would whiten them with the first aligned in.

  4. My ortho suggested that I do all of my whitening before the attachments are put on, to reduce the chance of two different colors after the attachments come off. However, if you whiten your teeth to say, level 2, and then get the attachments, subsequent whitening to the same level should mean that the area underneath an attachment is staying more or less the same color during treatment. Regardless, after taking off the attachments it shouldn't take too many whitening treatments to equalize all of the tooth colors.

    I use the 22% gels and moldable trays available on Amazon. After Invisalign I should be able to use the white strips.



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