Hey all!

I have posted on here before talking about how scared I was for my double jaw surgery that recently took place this past summer. I just wanted to say, 7+ months after my surgery, it doesn't even feel like I had a surgery, no scars no anything, except for a little numbing in my right half of my chin. I am starting my second semester at college right now, in Fargo, really cold up here! Haha. But I just wanted to again say, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to have a fantastic survey done on me. My sister also has an underbite and she is having her surgery this upcoming summer. She recently texted me saying that she is scared, and what she could do to calm herself down. I told her that it takes a while for things like this to sink into your mind for you to get used to it. I personally thought that this surgery was going to be extremely painful, but the only painful thing was them taking the stitches out if my cheeks! And that wasn't even bad! Well it is time for me to go, the main reason why I posted on here is because I just wanted to update you all that my recovery is almost 100% with the numbness and whatnot! Have a good February! Ill post again when it comes to my 1 year after my surgery! Thanks for reading :)