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  1. my surgery is tommorow!!

    hi just introduced myself in the new members section iam due to have my operation tommorow finally been waiting three years and had metal braces on now for three years my surgery was delayed for a year due to me getting a blood clot in my leg! and having to go on warfain for 7 months iam not atall nervous about the operation iam more worried about my braces coming off as they been on for so long my teeth need a bloody good clean
    so any tips would be most helpful thanks

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    well, you will probably get your braces off around 6 months after.. just to make minor corrections and stability.

    I responded in your other thread, but good luck with the surgery.
    In Retainers. Hawley On Top and Perm Retainer Lower.

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    Best of luck! Keep us updated. Remember, you'll be making progress every day.



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