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  1. Can I get my braces off early?

    Hey everyone,

    I am new to the forums and just want to say hello and start by posting my first post with a question and concern. I'll give you my experience and what my treatment as as well. OK, I wear both bottoms and tops for braces along with four extractions that I received after the braces were put on. My treatment so far, has been 19 months just about. My orthodontist is really good but old school I feel lol. I have no problems really with treatment and I am liking the results its just that I have a pretty noticable gap on the right side upper part of mouth which he has been trying to close. All my teeth are straight and are aligning perfectly except the gap.

    I have consulted with him once a couple of months ago about removing the braces and he pretty much said that its up to me how much longer I want to go through with the treatment. After hearing what he said I decided to keep them on. I asked him again a month ago about removing them and he said that he thinks its best for me to contiune with the treatment. I also consulted with my dentist to see if he could bond the gaps together and he too agreed that I should keep the braces on.

    I really dont know what to do? I am 28 years old and I feel as though that the braces are really taking a toll on my self-esteem even though I try to have them not and my sex life as well as dating life has decreased dramatically as a result. I wear the bands 7 days a week when I can ( I know we are suppose to wear them all the time ) but due to my job that requires me to communicate both on a support and technical level it hinders my speech when I speak certain words making it difficult for people to understand what I am trying say sometimes.

    Should I continue with the treatment? are there other solutions to the gaps closing as this the only real issue that is left to correct?

    Please any wise words will be helpful!


  2. I agree on wearing the retainers every night ... teeth can shift. I went a few months without mine and wow do the canines ever hurt when I wear them for just one night!

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    RedLipstick Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xtfiy21 View Post
    Should I continue with the treatment? are there other solutions to the gaps closing as this the only real issue that is left to correct?
    Did you ever have power chains on your braces?

    IMO, yes, after 19 months of treatment, you should definitely continue to wear your braces.

  4. there's this new thing called acceledent which helps to shorten your treatment, maybe talk to your ortho about it?



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