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  1. How much did you pay for jaw surgery?

    Hello! I need to have lower jaw surgery to advance my lower jaw forward in about a year. How much was your jaw surgery? Thanks in advance!

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    Actual cost:
    Hospital (23 hour outpatient) $20k
    Anestesiologist $5k
    Surgeon (OMS) - upper jaw $7k, lower jaw $7k, chin $3k, prep/splint $1,200, assistant surgeon $1,200

    I received quotes for each type of surgery. Doctor ended up just doing the upper jaw. I've seen other quotes where upper jaw might be up to $11k alone.

    Depending on your insurance and the situation, you will end up paying different amounts out of pocket. I paid 20% for surgeon related fees because he was out of network and then $150 for the hospital.

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    The cost of my surgery will be $7500.00. I have no medical insurance.



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