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  1. How long to wear retainer?

    Hi everyone. In a few months I will be getting my braces off (FOR A SECOND TIME). Am wondering how often I should be wearing my retainer? I wore my retainer full time for 2 months then at night for 2 years (as instructed by orthodontist). After that I started wearing it every few days and my teeth moved. I DONT want this to happen again. Any recommendations?

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    Wearing retainers is a lifelong thing unless you want braces again. I've read you should wear them full time AT LEAST 6 months, then nighttime wear after that, forever. If your teeth start moving, wear them more.

    Any questions, ask your ortho.
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    I guess every one is different. Some will eventually move to a few nights per week and that is enough, others maybe not. So like hollins2007 mentioned, if you feel your teeth are still moving then definitely continue to wear them more.

    I am not sure what type of retainer you had? was it the clear type or a hawley? If you didn't also have a bonded then maybe you could get one of those too to help secure things even more.
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  4. I had the clear plasticky kind. I also had a fixed retainer behind my teeth. Funny nothing happened to my bottom teeth, they haven't moved at all

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    Quote Originally Posted by viccles View Post
    Am wondering how often I should be wearing my retainer?
    If necessary, daily, endlessly.



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