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  1. Would I need surgery or braces for my crossbite?

    I'm 20 and currently in college. For a few years now I've noticed I've had a crossbite where the lower left side of my jaw protrudes out from the upper part. My teeth aren't crooked--just my jaw seems to be misaligned. I'm not sure if it's noticeable to other people because people have told me that I have a nice smile. But I don't like my smile in pictures.... the crossbite is noticeable in pictures and it always looks weird and crooked :(

    I know I should probably consult with an orthodontist about this but I just wanted to get some informal feedback..... Should I do something about it? There's no pain and it doesn't interfere with anything physically, it's just not aesthetically pleasing to me. :|
    What do you guys think? Do you think this is a mild or moderate case? Would I need surgery for this? Would I need braces?

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  2. Hey! may I ask, where are you from?
    your case looks very similar to mine, but mine is more severe as I have an open bite too, my face is more misaligned as well. I'm not certain you need surgery or not but I think you don't need it because I'm quite sure braces can fix that, after moving your lower bite inwards, your face will probably be symmetrical already. However, if you're still very self concious about your jaw you may consider surgery but yours is really mild.

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    I'm hardly an expert, but your case looks pretty mild to me and I would expect it could be fixed via braces only (traditional, clear or invisalign). I also suspect your treatment time would be relatively short. A consult with an ortho will give you more comfort and it doesn't cost anything...so why not give it a shot.



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