Hey guys :)
I'm in about the last 3 months of braces (I've had them for 3 years) and everything was going great! Until my last 2 appointments. The appointment before last, my orthodontist had noticed some unwanted movement in my top teeth. At the time it was not obvious nor could I feel it, he responded by changing the position of the bracket on my tooth. Now, about 5 weeks after the bracket adjustment and a week before my appointment, I can visibly see and feel where my tooth is starting to overlap the one next to it (As it did before braces)! My orthodontist put a stronger wire into place 2 days ago in order to try and fix this. I'm terrified of having spent all this money for my braces not to work and it's seriously bothering me. Does anyone here have any advice on how to fix this, or any stories about something similar happening to you?

(As a note, I'm only 15 and have not had my wisdom teeth taken out or come in yet)