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  1. Smile 3 weeks with braces

    It's been 3 weeks a of 3/7 that I got my braces. Damons metal upper/lower.
    I can finally see spaces between my upper teeth. In fact, while cleaning with the proxy brush last night, it actually went
    right through the spaces between. I was a little surprised. And the same with lower teeth in the middle. The braces are also changing position on the teeth a little. Pressure is increasing also, especially after eating only soup and yogurt.
    I still can't manage solids, due in part to still healing from getting wisdom teeth pulled 3 weeks ago. I'm just able to chew a little in the back. I wouldn't even attempt to eat any meat yet. I can't even manage macaroni/cheese. Cottage cheese is the only solid food I can eat. My husband's enjoying the chili I made though. When I do eat the soup, my lips get so swollen, they look like I had injections in them. And the pressure really increases after eating. But now that the teeth are loosening up a little, I can floss once again. It seemed that the teeth tightened up the first 2 weeks and flossing was not possible. One great thing is that I've lost 18 lbs. :braces:

    Also, my regular dentist recommended getting a sonic care toothbrush. I have already spent so much $$$ on my teeth, that I don't want to spend more. My orthodontist tech did not recommend the sonic care. She said using the regular toothbrush was adequate. Are there less expensive sonic cares? Any advice appreciaetd.


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    Hi Stephanie! I'm in the same boat with you..well, almost. I've had my braces for 3 weeks also, but I have ceramic on top and metal on bottom. I have a Sonicare HX5610 Essence that I got on Amazon for $55 with free shipping. The good thing about this brush is there are generic brush heads at Walgreens for the Essence brand so it will cost a little bit less to replace the brushes. Personally, I don't like it as much as manual toothbrushes for my braces, but this is a matter of opinion. I find it harder to control and when my teeth are sore, it seems to be more painful to brush with the Sonicare. The good part though is that it can reach my back teeth much better AND I love the built in timer to make sure you're brushing long enough--even though you could easily do this with a stop watch, kitchen timer or cell phone. The one thing I bought for my braces that I really love is a Waterpik. Since flossing is a lot harder to do with braces, the Waterpik shoots water and helps my teeth feel a lot cleaner. The one I bought also has an orthodontic tip so I am able to clean in and around the braces and gets what even the proxibrush leaves behind.

    If you really want the Sonicare and it's too expensive and not in your budget, you could always wait until your birthday or Christmas to ask for a gift card to buy one. I got mine with an Amazon gift card, but bought my Waterpik.



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