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    SO sick of my Incognito Braces -- continue to break!

    I can't tell you how frustrated I am with my incognito braces. I've broken one of the individual braces 3 times (2 in the past 2 weeks.) Also had a wire come out of place two other times. Only have had them for 7 months.

    The first time I broke them was my fault (hard candy.) Last two times they broke for things like soft chicken. I've practically been following my orthos advice, but it's pointless when things like chicken are breaking them.

    I'm at the point where I'm willing to just get them taken off for good.

    Does anybody have advice on what I should do?

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    Went to the dentist yesterday to get the bracket debonded... today was eating SOFT BREAD (being dead serious...) and the same bracket was debonded again..

    At the point where I'm willing to just have them take it off for good.

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    Does the ortho have an explanation why they keep falling off when you're only eating soft foods? That seems really strange. I've had them for over a year and jaw surgery (with them still in place) and have never had anything get loose or break off.

    That seems really odd. I assume your case was too difficult to do Invisalign hence the lingual braces, otherwise I would suggest switching to Invisalign.

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    Mine fall off too!!!

    Mine fall off when I eat chicken too! Mainly Mexican so maybe the spices react with the bonding agent?

    They drive me mad. It's always the most unlikely foods. Three times though with Mexican chicken.

    I never get any explanations. Just re-glued. You can't just swap (as suggested) because of the cost.

    No suggestions. Just know how you feel :)

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    Do you have to pay each time they come off? I'm supposed to pay $100 each time one comes off/loose. That would really frustrate me if they kept popping off for no reason.

    Can your ortho offer you an explanation why it keeps happening even with soft foods?

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    I gotta say, lately mine have been coming off more recently, too (the ones in the back). Mine seems to break or loosen if I eat sandwiches (i.e. Jimmy Johns). I'm assuming sandwiches similar to JJ's don't go well with incognito braces?

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    Know how you feel... I don't have incognito braces but have the normal self ligating braces and I have had 5 brackets fall off in the space of 6 months! the one month they stayed on was the month no wire change was made as I was having my wisdom teeth removed. My ortho has no explanation as to why they keep falling off... at the last breakage he gave up re-gluing the bracket and popped a molar band on! Told me this one will not break! Promise there will be no more... I tell him well something else might fall off instead let's not jinx it... He told me not to be negative! but you can't blame me eh... after 5 brackets!



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