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  1. From down underrr

    Hi guys

    Just came across this forum while browsing about braces.

    I got my Damon braces on about 3 weeks ago and so far so good. However, skimming through the section where people have gotten their braces off here has freaked me out with the number of unhappy results :(

    I had to get 4 teeth extracted to fix my crowded teeth at the bottom and overbite (even with Damon) I went to get a second opinion but the ortho said I'd need to extract teeth to fix my case. Results better be good!!

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    Hi Smileee, this might sound silly but what are damon braces?

    I did a quick Google search..but couldn't work out if they were any different to ceramics. Are they?

    I'm sure your case will be fine. Sending you positive vibes :)

  3. Hi smileee,glad to have you here,Welcome

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