I have had my braces for over two years now and I now hate them.
I only wanted my two front teeth uncrossed but was persuaded how my overbite needed correcting, my gaps needed closing and
I had a "tunnel" between my teeth and my cheeks when I smile (!!!!!)
Because of vanity I chose the braces that go inside your teeth. So no-one would know.
Every time I get a new wire I have about two weeks of pain- not with my teeth moving (i can handle that) but the sharp wires cutting my tongue or causing ulcers or sore throats. And usually one of the brackets comes off and has to be re-glued.
If I hadn't paid so much money I would have had them removed.
Everyone can tell I have braces because I now speak with a lisp. Food gets caught in my teeth and makes it both slow and embarrassing to eat out with friends.
I have certainly lost confidence in social situations.
They do not seem to be an exact science but a hit and miss affair. Some of my teeth have moved. Some have been left behind.
I was told approx 14 months. It's been 25 months so far and it's boring. I just want nice teeth. My teeth didn't even need much doing- it was pure vanity.
I would not recommend anyone to get lingual braces. My orthodontist has excellent credentials and is lovely but I am really not happy with the result so far.
She keeps telling me to be patient- that it's all in the fine detailing at the end but I'm not convinced. I have had nothing but trouble with them.
They were very expensive and I deeply regret my decision to go for this expensive alternative to traditional braces.
Even my friends are bored with my whining about my brace. Unless your teeth are really unsightly I would suggest you don't bother with this option.