Hello everyone. I had an underbite when I was a child. I believe t was corrected with traditional orthodontry by moving the upper set of teeth backwards, but I will confirm this with my orthodontist the next time I see him. I am now 21 and dissatisfied with the results. It seems I have a receding upper jaw. and of course, lower jaw. My facial features appear very "sunken".

I want to most likely have upper jaw surgery, but I'd like to stay as non-surgical as possible. I know there is a non-surgical way to move the lower jaw forward named a repositioning splint. What is this splint and how does it work? My receding lower jaw isn't too bad, so perhaps a non-surgical method would work.

*Also on a side note* Moving the teeth back when I was younger basically took my upper lip out of the profile. It appears that I don't have an upper lip at all. Before jaw surgery would I want to move my upper teeth forward to their natural position before traditional orthodontry. I want my upper lip I should of had, but I just don't how moving teeth forward and surgery will affect it. Any advice?

Thanks! Nate