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    Very Dissapointed after Debanding

    I just got my braces off 3 days ago and I am very disappointed. I had Damon braces on for about 18 months. My teeth were overall pretty straight. I just wanted to correct my overbite and overjet. A year into having my braces, I was told each time I came in to see my orthodontist, that my overbite and overjet cannot be fully corrected because I am congentially missing a lower front teeth. He told me his main concern was how my back teeth meshed together. So after 18 months, he told me it was time to take my braces off and now I wish I told him no because after having them off, I honestly feel that my overbite and overjet was not corrected at all and possibly made worse. My arch is very narrow when I was told Damon braces can help broaden your smile and arch. I am seeing him in a few days to pick up my retainers and take X-rays. Overall I feel like I've been ripped off and wasted over $6,000. Does anyone know if what he said is true, that my overbite and overjet cannot be corrected because I'm congentially missing a tooth?

    Here is a picture of my side profile which I just took. Notice my huge overbite and overjet!


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    Wow... Why not get a second opinion from another orthodontist? Surely *something* can be done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaspberryBliss View Post
    Wow... Why not get a second opinion from another orthodontist? Surely *something* can be done?
    Wouldn't that mean I'd have to fork out more money? If another orthodontist tells me he can do a better job then what?

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    Just a consultation. Orthos offer that for free because they *want* your business.

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    That's funny. I have the exact same problem, and I was told the same thing. I have an overbite, overjet, and am missing one of my lower front teeth. I'd recommend going for consultations. That way you know if he really wasn't capable of fixing your teeth, or if it's just an extremely difficult case. That is what I am going to be doing, so when I go back for them to check my retainer, I can realistically discuss my concerns with him.

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    RedLipstick Guest
    I had 2 of my upper and 2 of my lower teeth extracted when I was a teen. At my last appointment my orthodontist told me that she won't be able to correct my overbite due to my missing teeth. I'm a little confused by her statement. I mean, is it really impossible to fix an overbite after having had teeth pulled out?
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