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    Getting lingual braces soon

    Hi, i'm a 26 years old girl and i'm apparently getting my lingual braces fixed next week. I'm eagerly awaiting for it, i'm looking forward to having the confidence to laugh. All my life i felt so insecure because of the bad case of overcrowded teeth i have.
    For the start i'm going for lingual braces for the upper jaw, thinking of ceramics for correcting my deep bite.
    I had my upper wisdom teeth removed a couple of days ago and my cheeks are puffy and bruised. What a pain!

    If you wanna see my progress, feel welcomed to flick through my blog posts: Revealsmile :D | Smile with me!!!

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    Thank you for sharing your progress with braces. I can see change that happens to your teeth in those photos. I think it is a good sign, however small those changes are. I know about lingual braces as incognito braces. I am planning to get them in a month or two for my crooked teeth. My orthodontist from Edmonton ( http://www.cityorthodontics.ca/treat...ion.aspx#incog ) suggests braces will do better for my teeth condition than invisalign treatment. But I am not interested in getting braces in front of my teeth. So I hope these braces will produce a good result. Good luck with your treatment too!!

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    Very nice to hear your thoughts on lingual braces, Casually, Lingual braces are customized to bond and hide behind the teeth to remain out of sight. But the process is more complicated. They require a skillful orthodontist to install them, and not every orthodontist knows how to do it.
    Remember, Dentistry is not Expensive...Neglect is!!!!===>DentistsinMobileAl



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