Hi all,

I am just searching around for an orthodontist in Melbourne who is quite flexible with an upfront deposit and payment plan. I am currently a student and have wanted braces for many years due to my two front teeth ("vampire teeth") sticking out but my single mum could not afford them due to my other health bills.

I recently went to an orthodontist who was wonderful but I am not to sure if I will be able to make the monthly repayments they require. They quoted me $5,500 for the metal braces (I am happy with the metal ones) with a $1,000 deposit and $250-$300 for monthly repayments that has to be paid within 18 months. I am looking around $200-$230 for monthly repayments because that is more within my budget. I understand that braces are not cheap at all.

If you have gone to an orthodontist who is really laid back/flexible with their payment plans in Melbourne, please let me know!

Thank you very much.