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    Update... so far 21-1/2 months

    I haven't check in for quite some time so here is the long and short of my braced status:

    Back in September of 2011 the estimate was about 20 months or so... and I had posted on here how I was shooting for shorter (who wouldn't?) .

    Well here I am at 21 months and 2 weeks and so much for shorter!

    I had started with bite turbos and they made eating a real challenge, but I did it. I shocked and amazed people with how well I could eat with the ortho-handicap.

    Eventually those wore down as my teeth moved in. I was seeing big changes, especially in my splayed, disastrously misaligned lowers.

    Around the 12 month mark I was bumped up slowly to the biggest wires and then was told it was time for power chains. They really start getting gaps closed up!

    My overbite is stubborn. I had rubber bands for a few months with a small change, then springs for a few months and the movement was minimal. Yesterday my ortho changed the positioning of my front four top brackets, went to a smaller wire and switched me back to rubber bands... no it seems December might be the end? One thing is for certain, Too late to turn back now.

    On a brighter note, I have seen massive improvements! My lowers have changed so much I now I can't believe it! Now if only the overbite would go away!!!

    Damon Clears

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    RedLipstick Guest
    Thanks for your update and best of luck to you!

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