I had removable braces when I was 12, I was a specialist musician and played the trumpet hence I had to have a removable brace. Unfortunately the removable brace did not make my teeth perfect and as I lost interest in playing the trumpet I decided I wanted perfect teeth and looked into treatment again. I saw an orthodontist and was told that I have a mildly receding jaw and a mild open bite - even though both these were mild I was told the only way to treat this at my age (18) would be surgery and seeing as it was not severe he thought I should leave treatment. I was really unhappy about my teeth so I went to see an orthodontist who dealt with cases requiring surgery and as by receding jaw and open bite were mild he thought surgery was excessive and that he could treat me without surgery. I have now had train tracks on for a year, the orthodontist has achieved what I wanted, I now have perfectly straight top and bottom teeth when I smile, my orthodontist has admitted that he has done all he can for my mild open bite without surgery and I'm really happy with my teeth. I am going to university this september and I have let my orthodontist know months in advance that I am desperate to have my braces off before I go to university, I hate having them on, none of my friends have them anymore and I just want them off. He is saying that he thinks its just a bit too tight on time, I just want to get them off at my next appointment (3 days before I go to university), my parents are happy for this. What should I do? (Also my university is 9 hours drive from my orthodontist, so it will be a nightmare getting to appointments).
Any advice would be really appreciated, thank you.