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    Bad experience with dentist...does it make sense to make change for retainers?

    Hi. I've had a very difficult and disappointing experience with the dentist who did my Invisalign as documented in my 03/02/2013 thread. I'm three weeks from being done (10U/10L followed by 3U/3L) and finally feel like my teeth are close to what I expected. I'm about to talk with the dentist about whether another set of trays is needed (at extra cost to me), or whether it's time for retainers. I've lost so much confidence in her integrity and skills that I'm wondering if it makes sense to find another dentist to finish the treatment. I'm thinking probably not if additional trays are needed, but maybe so if it's time for retainers. Seems like getting the retainers right is key...but not sure how much expertise is needed for that. I'm not sure if I own the Clincheck (which I'm thinking would be needed for retainers), or if she does (and likely wouldn't give them to me). Not sure if changing is cost feasible, or if any other dentist/ortho would even be interested in taking me as a patient with so little left to do. Been an overall disappointing process, but hoping the end result is what I'm looking for. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    As far as I understand, you will not need your clincheck to make your retainers. However, included in some ortho plans are free retainers... which may be produced by invisalign, and in this case, I would imagine they would only be free if you got them through your provider. Some orthos make you retainers from a machine in their office, that resemble invisalign trays. You'd have to find out which kind she offers. She may also recommend a permanent fixed retainer (metal on the back of your teeth).

    My understanding of the retainer process is that they scan your teeth or make molds just as they did when you originally were scanned or molded for invisalign.

    In terms of refinements, I am only making an educated guess here, but I believe that opening a new treatment plan with a new provider will likely be significantly more expensive than paying for refinements with your current provider. I think I have seen a few posters say they paid 400-500 for refinements. A new plan with a new provider will likely be treated as an entirely new case, and cost several thousands.

    Hopefully feedback on here will help guide you, but it might be worth visiting orthos in your area who offer free consultations and see what they might quote you with. They can likely also offer you a retainer for a certain fee if you do not want to go through your current provider.

    All in all I am guessing cheapest route is to stay with her, but if I remember your case correctly, she seems like she legally scammed you. I can understand your hesitancy to give her another time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by junior83 View Post
    Hi. I've had a very difficult and disappointing experience with the dentist who did my Invisalign as documented in my 03/02/2013 thread. I'm three weeks from being done (10U/10L followed by 3U/3L) and finally feel like my teeth are close to what I expected.
    From your previous thread it seems that after the initial round of 10U/10L, you managed to negotiate a second round of 10U/10L -- I'm a little confused when you said "I'm three weeks from being done (10U/10L followed by 3U/3L)". What does the 3U/3L constitute? Did you mean that you got 3U/3L for the second round? Or was that a third round?

    If the 3U/3L was a second round, it is great (and quite marvelous) that in 3 trays, you managed to get your teeth close to what was expected.
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    I walked in thinking I was getting an additional 10 trays, but got three. She showed me the third tray then, and it looked good, so I was hopeful that would do it. I was also surprised they have made the difference they have. Having said that, I don't want to stop short of where teeth should be just because I'm tired of messing with this.

    Unfortunately, she's lost all credibility so I can't rely on her for "expert advice" regarding where to go from here...additional refinements or retainers. I do have a consult with an orthodontist on Thursday to discuss options. He's the person I should have gone with up front...dang it. Strong feeling that my course of action will be stay the course with current provider, and follow my gut (not her lead) on decisions. I'm basically relying on this forum for feedback that I would typically get from a professional provider. Thanks for the input!



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