Hello everyone. I am 23 years old and It's been 3 months since I got my braces on. I had 4 teeth extracted and that part was really painful to me. But I'm glad my teeth have a lot more room to move now and I hope the gaps will close before I know it (I had an overbite and a serious crowding case).

I should've gotten my braces earlier but because I went to study and work in Australia for 5 years (I am originally from Indonesia) my orthodontist back home suggested that I get my braces when I am back in Indonesia for good, that way it is easier for her to monitor the progress. Now I'm home and I finally did what I've always wanted to do: to have my braces (it's the self-ligating ones).

Anyway, I've also been a silent reader of this forum for the past few days, and I thought I'd join and become a member. It's always good to help each other getting through the braces process!

Cheers :)