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  1. Post-braces stressing :(

    Hey all!

    In August 2012 I got metal braces, top and bottom. The top ones were to close gaps and the bottom ones were for serious overcrowding. I have effectively too many teeth on my bottom row and at the front I had an issue with them being crooked and causing jaw pain and headaches. I probably should've had a couple extractions, but I didn't for some reason. Pretty much as soon as I got the braces on, the pain caused by the overcrowding stopped. Of course I had the normal brace pain, but the strange overcrowding pain had stopped.

    September 2013 comes around and I get my braces off. Practically as soon as he took them off, the strange overcrowding pain came back. I now have to wait a week for my retainer. I have worries that even if I wear the retainers religiously (which I will) the pain will always be there whenever I take my retainers out.

    Has anyone else had the same issue?

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    Hi TooManyTeeth,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your pain. I know how you feel.

    So, first things first. How do you know the pain is caused by the overcrowding? How and by whom was that diagnosed?

  3. Hi Asblarf!

    My normal dentist had concerns that the pain was down to overcrowding so he referred me to an dental institute based at a hospital who took X-rays and told me that my pain was down to overcrowding. Once I got my braces on and they started to separate, I didn't have that pain again as the braces were pulling them apart. Now the braces are off, they've pretty much started to overlap again, so quickly! My teeth did move very quickly with braces, which is why I only had them on for just over a year. So I can understand that they'd move back to their original places quite quickly too. Hopefully the retainers will do the job when I get them.

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    Ok, so you had someone else than your dentist to check, based on X-rays. That's a good thing.

    Does your ortho know about this pain? Did he confirm the diagnostic, or at least does it make sense to him? I wonder why (s)he didn't suggest permanent retainers on the crowded area, at least while your removable ones were being made, given that your overcrowded are prone to fast relapse. That's a question you could ask him/her.

    When are you getting your retainers? Did your ortho give you an approximate time?

    Try not to stress about the pain, even though I know it's easier said than done. But given that you weren't experiencing it while in braces is a good indication that your body is not crazily sending a pain signal for no reason.

    Please keep us posted.



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