Hi there!

I've been a silent reader for a couple of months, but now is the time for me to share my experience.

I'm a 29-year-old French bloke living in the San Francisco South Bay Area. In the past I've lived in France (where I am from), Switzerland, Canada and Scotland. My actual dental story is quite long so I'll try to sum it up.

In February of this year I went to a dentist in the South Bay for a cleaning and potentially more. The cleaning went fine. Then the dentist said I needed to have two fillings. He took care of them, but once home, after the numbness from the anesthesia had gone I noticed that my teeth wouldn't fit together perfectly on the side he had been working on. On the next day I went back to him and he said he could fix it. He then spent an hour grinding enamel on all four quadrants here and there, to no avail. Whatever he did did not fix my bite. Actually, he was making it worse... I just then decided he stopped grinding, because obviously he didn't know what he was doing.

I was sad, angry, annoyed and depressed. I really wanted to kill the guy. My bite was so off that I had troubles eating. That led to pain in the jaw as well as neck and shoulders.

I then saw multiple dentists. One gave me a night guard that took away the pain altogether. My bite was still off, though. So I went to a prosthodontist who seemed more interested in my money than anything else. So I stayed away from his services.

In May I found an awesome dentist. Really nice chap who was really willing to help me. After having examined my bite thoroughly he assured me orthodontics would be a solution to my off-bite problem. He referred me to an ortho he trusts and is used to working with. In June I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled out (they were getting painful). I then visited two orthos and I ended up choosing the one recommended by my dentist.

So here I am, wearing Damon braces for a time frame yet to be determined. I got the top braces (ceramic) on last week. The ortho wants to see how my teeth move to determine whether we'll have to pull a front tooth out before putting on the lower braces.

Hope it wasn't too long. Sorry for my English.