Hello all, I have had metal braces, damon, for the last 20 months. ortho said it was a complicated case, to my eyes it just seemed like canines were twisted but then I am not an Ortho. Anyway, the four top front teeth are fine, they were just one in a bit, one out a bit, now sit straight.

However, the back teeth, always sat properly, the bite was good. Today he said to me, "top teeth are all set, all that's left is that I just have to slightly turn the two lower canines slightly ". I got the impression he was happy with that and would be doing no more with the top. The left side upper and lower are the main issue, the upper side is tilted outwards, in that you can see the biting surface, they are now completely passing my lower teeth. The inner edges of top teeth are tipping the outer edges of the lower jaw, I have absolutely no bite and keep waking up grinding kind of scraping them off each other because only the edges meet, same happens when eating.

I asked him what about the the top left side not meeting the lowers whatsoever, his answer was "well it can't all be perfect" I am fuming now, the top canines are still slight twisted, I can feel the side edge of them sticking out at the back of the teeth (hope that makes sense). He said "well there isn't enough space to turn them out fully...as for the bite, that's not going to be possible to change" I can't see how the bottom ones cannot be brought forward, (they did sit straight before braces, now they also slant inwards, the opposite to the top, which tilt outwards.

All I want him to do is make them sit upright again, then they WILL meet the top ones, Basically I have four top an bottom teeth that are nice, but ended up ruining my bite, by changing how the back teeth sit. Also, the canines not sitting frontways (cant think of a word to describe it, so you see whole tooth, without part being behind another) was one of the reasons to get braces, it was a pain cleaning eye teeth partly behind the neighbouring tooth. Has that happened to anyone? molars tilted inward an losing a bite and that's it, end of treatment? Also saying eye teeth have to basically remain crowded partly behind neighbouring tooth? The whole point of braces is for straight teeth and to sit properly.