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    wearing braces affects confidence

    I got my braces after my ex fiance repeatedly suggested I get them - I had a really bad smile though usually it didn't bother me that much. She broke up with me just before I got them (for unrelated reasons) and so I'm single and have been so for the last year.

    I find the braces really affects my confidence in terms of wanting to ask girls out / flirt with people, I'm really paranoid girls are just going to be like "ew metal mouth" and back away quick.

    Does anyone else share the same concerns? Anyone got any success stories to boost my confidence?

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    Nov 2012
    Pretoria, South Africa
    I got my braces last year November, initially my confidence took a huge blow. I was scared to smile or laugh, scared that would think that I am ugly. I actually found that people saw this fear and began to feel sorry. I then realised that I could not go on like that for 18months of my braces sentence. I started smiling and laughing freely, pretended that I didn't care about my braces when chatting to guys and eventually my confidence grew back to normal. Now guys ask me out all the time. So don't let braces run your life, if u wanna flirt or ask a girl out Do It. They will see beyond the braces if you are confident.

    Expected Time: 18 months

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    I think it also depends on how you perceive braces. If it reduces confidence in the beginning, I'm sure it will boost confidence after the results.

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    Honestly, so many people wear braces at all ages anymore the whole "metal mouth" perception is pretty much non-existent. If anything I had more people asking to see my braces (that knew I had them) to see my progress. And when they commented on how nice they looked, it made me really glad I got them.

    I'm only speaking from my experience though.


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    Mar 2009
    Markham, Toronto, Richmond Hill, Stouffville
    Agreed. These days braces are very common place. Instead of being stigmatized for having them, those that need them and don't have them are given a tough time. Increasingly there are adults in orthodontic treatment, in both Invisalign as well as braces. Wear them with confidence, own them, and no one will think there is anything wrong!
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