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  1. They are OFF!!!!!!!!

    2 years ago, at 25, I walked in my ortho's office. 9800$ later (YES, almost 10k) and NO surgery, I can finally smile with my teeth showing.

    I have a rather severe facial asymmetry and a really narrow palate. One of my lateral incisor was actually located in the middle of my palate. My doctor managed to make everything look nice and straight and improved my bite significantly. He is one of the best in my region and I am absolutely pleased with my results. Of course, since I opted not to go the surgery route, my results aren't as perfect as they could be but I am 100% happy.

    So here you go... My progress and final results pics!


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    RedLipstick Guest
    Beautiful results. Congratulations on your new smile!

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    Brilliant smile. Congratulations! :D

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