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    is it necessary for me to have my 2 teeth extracted?

    Is it really necessary for me to have my two upper 5th teeth extracted?
    Last edited by liyaaa; 01-19-2014 at 11:44 AM.

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    Probably not. My ortho had suggested the same. I refused to have perfectly healthy teeth pulled and I am glad I did. Pulling teeth can change your face. My ortho suggested going with invisalign since invisalign can successfully back teeth up to create the space I needed using a process called sequential distalization. So I did not have any extractions.

    If you want to further explore reasons not to pull teeth, google or youtube "functional orthodontics."

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    You absolutely do not need teeth extracted. But still consult with dentist..

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    An orthodontist suggesting pulling out teeth is a red flag for me. Seek a second (and third) opinion.

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    My dentist told me I would need my widsom teeth (all four) pulled before getting braces. needless to say he's not my dentist anymore because I got braces without them being pulled! In the future I'll probably get my lowers out because they cause my grief from time to time, but my uppers haven't bothered me.




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