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    YAY!!! De-bracing date is scheduled!!!

    My braces went on September 6, 2011 and were (supposed to) be removed after 18 - 24 months... well, my overbite has been slooooooooow to correct so finally it looks like the end is near! My ortho scheduled me for debracing on April 24th (was April 21st) --- of THIS year, LOL... 7 months and a few weeks late.

    All of you starting out... just roll with it and I can honestly say the improvements to my bite are amazing! I look forward to posting the before and after shots eventually!!!

    Cheers :)
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    Damon Clears

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    Slight reschedule... Now booked for 4/24/2014 but that is fine with me :) .

    Damon Clears

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    Done!!! YAY!!!

    Damon Clears

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