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    Recent spam posts.

    Why is all of the recent? spam not removed? I think this could be one of the reasons regular posters on here have decided not to post any more. If I need to get a new kitchen I would be looking elsewhere. Any thoughts?

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    I check this board every day to make sure there's no spam on the forum. There is a "Report this Post" button that you can use to alert the moderators that there is spam. I just checked the blogs and there was only 1 spam post. I've checked it every day and this is the first one I've seen in 2 weeks.

    As for the regular posters not posting, I think these things go in waves. Many of our previously active posters are now in retainers and don't feel the need to post much anymore. And most of our long time members are in refinements with not a lot of changes to discuss.

    The only way to make these boards active again is for our members to keep posting and keep the dialogue going. It will be only as good as we make it
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    I've seen no spam. The only reason I haven't been posting is I really don't have any questions and I am in refinements. Like Kris said, it's slow going and not much visible movement going on right now.
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    Am I the only one who sees advertising for kitchens? If so its not a big deal. I was just wondering though

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    I've seen it in some of the other categories, but not Invisalign. The cosmeticbd, cosmeticdd etc were pretty spammy too.
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